Book Janine De Lorenzo
To Play at Your Next Live Event!

Book Janine De Lorenzo To Play at Your Next Live Event!

An elegant touch at the piano by a world-class performer providing an unforgettable soundtrack to your special day or event.

Janine performed with Cirque Du Soleil for 12 years as a musical director, so she knows a thing or two about providing a live music soundtrack to an event with moving parts, such as a wedding, a corporate event, or a one-off gathering in your home for a special event. 

 Having played professionally for over 40 years, Janine’s repertoire is as vast and varied as the countries she has performed in, including Australia, North America, and Europe.

Currently based in the mountains of Colorado, Janine is willing to travel to your event or celebration to all corners of Colorado, USA and globally!

Having mastered the art of live performance in any situation, Janine brings her unique and beautiful arrangements to life at the piano for your special event.

Her elegant mastery of the piano will elevate and enhance your celebration or event. Janine will work with you to compile a song list to ensure that the soundtrack for your event is perfect. Choose from an array of beautiful solo piano instrumentals of well known songs, in many styles from all eras. From the classic Pachelbel’s Canon to the contemporary Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, your guests will be blown away by Janine’s unique and original arrangements of the cover songs you know and love.

A private concert in your home or venue will include a repertoire of Janine’s music as she shares with you the stories behind her original compositions and arrangements from her 4 solo piano albums.

Make Your Event A Special One!

When you book Janine your event will be an unforgettable experience tailored for you, whether you are a newly engaged couple seeking romantic music for your wedding day, you are creating a special celebration that will be enhanced with live piano music or you host a private concert in your home.

You can make your selection from a wide range of songs from Pachelbel’s Canon to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and everything in between. Your guests will be blown away by the unique and original arrangements Janine creates for the music you choose.

If you’re looking for warm, soulful and elegant arrangements on the piano for your wedding ceremony or reception that will touch the hearts of your guests, and add a magical ambiance, reach out to Janine.

I pride myself on giving my clients a personalized experience of a lifetime.

In order to do that, I want to get to know you and learn more about the vision you have for your event.
Book a complimentary consultation call where I will talk with you and help design the perfect music plan for your event.

In this call, we’ll discuss how to:


Thank you so much for providing us with beautiful music for two days for our ceremony and celebration brunch! We loved it and everyone else loved it too. What a wonderful talent to have! Gerry and I just read the words and listened to Our Song. We laughed and enjoyed it again, maybe even more. It was a highlight of the brunch. So glad that you were a part of our wedding celebrations! Thank you! Thank you! We highly recommend Janine for any of your events.”
Barbara Bridges and Gerry Hammond
Denver, CO


Frequently Asked Questions

Your first step is to reach out to Janine for your consultation call. After you decide Janine is a good fit for your event, you’ll receive a digital contract. Once you sign the digital contract, you’ll be prompted for a 25% deposit. Once your signed contract and 25% deposit is received, your date is secure and the planning process begins.

As a general rule, booking at least 3 months prior to the date of your event is the best way to secure the date. Dates are reserved on a “first come, first served” basis.

Yes. The ceremony requires far more detail oriented time spent preparing additional music including your requests and more time on-site during your event. Additionally, playing a ceremony requires a different skill-set than a cocktail hour. 

Yes. The safety of the instrument and the ability to provide quality music is of the utmost importance. This means that the piano must be in full shade (especially in the summer), and there must be no precipitation.

If there is no piano on location, Janine can provide her own full-sized, weighted, 88-key, digital piano with authentic piano sound, fine-tuned attention to sound quality, and volume control through the amplification setup.

The digital piano can also be set up outside for outdoor events, provided there is covering from the elements and close access to a dedicated electrical outlet.

Janine uses a Bose S1 Pro System to amplify the digital piano. Bose is a well known name in the industry and the S1 delivers excellent sound quality taking up little space.

No, the set up and tear down time is included.

Yes, Janine is a proud member of the LGBTQ community.

Yes. The details of this are determined during the planning to ensure there is ample time to learn your requested song before the event.

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Book Janine To Play At Your Event.