• "At my piano I am sitting at my altar. It is here where I feel my heart most fully."

  • About Janine

    An Australian living in the US, born to Italian parents and taught by a Dutch teacher whose teacher was taught by Franz Liszt, Janine brings her life experiences to her piano compositions.

Janine grew up in Australia where she received her classical piano training of 13 years from an extraordinary teacher from Holland, Margriet Pendavingh. Although classically trained, Janine has always composed her own music at the piano.

In her hometown of Melbourne, Janine created Ridgidigital Music in 1996, an independent music production studio, dedicated to composing and recording music for film and television. She composed for numerous award-winning television and film projects culminating in more than 70 hours of film for Australian and International broadcast. She has written music soundtracks in a wide variety of musical styles for many genres including documentaries, children's television, adult drama and national radio programs.

Her curiosity for adventure led her to land a dream job with Cirque du Soleil in 2004.

She played keyboards and was the assistant bandleader for “KA” at MGM Grand in Las Vegas from 2004-2011. She then took on the adventure of life on tour in North America and Europe, in her role as Musical Director for the big top touring show ‘Amaluna’. Janine lead an 8 piece band through each live performance while playing keyboards requiring an excellent level of musical interpretation and an ability to improvise, calling the show while listening to lighting, music and technical cues from the stage manager, all within the ability to work within a team dedicated to bringing magic and excellence to each performance.

Janine has certainly left an impression on the world stage with her musical talents. After 12 years and more than 4000 shows with Cirque du Soleil she now channels her creative passions into her own music.

She is currently composing, recording and performing her solo piano works, accepting commissions for custom composed and recorded songs, and performing for special events.

She has released four solo piano albums:



  • Musical Director/Keyboard player Cirque Du Soleil's "Amaluna" 2011~2015
  • Assistant Conductor/Musician, Cirque Du Soleil's "KA" 2004~2011


  • "Out of Season"1998 feature (Director Jeanette Buck)
  • "Lie Together" 2008 short film (Director Jeanette Buck)


  •  "There Are No Strangers" 2009 by Jeanette Buck


  • "Home Truths" ~  10 part Documentary Series ~  ABC TV Australia
  • "Auto Stories" ~ 4 Part Documentary Series ~ ABC TV Australia
  • "Li'l Horrors" ~ 52 Part Children's Television Series ~ 7 Network Australia and Canada, USA, France, Israel, Germany ~ Producer Tony Wright
  • "High Flyers" ~ 52 Part Drama Series ~ 10 Network Australia and Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, Israel
  • "Grey Nomads" ~ Documentary~ABC TV Australia and Poland
  • "Hospital" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia ~ (Producer December Media)
  • "Mama Tina" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia ~ (Producer December Media)
  • "For the Defence" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia ~ (Producer December Media)
  • " The Rough Shed" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia
  • "A Shared Table"~ 7 part Documentary Series ~ ABC TV Australia ~ (Producer December Media)
  • "Grey Voyagers"~ 6 part Documentary Series ~ SBS Australia and Japan, Ireland ~ (Producer December Media)
  • "The Hillmen" ~ Documentary ~ SBS Australia ~ (Director Steve Thomas. Producer December Media)
  • "The Fifth Set" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia ~ Melbourne International Film Festival 2000
  • "Holy Rollers" ~ Documentary ~ SBS Australia
  • "Visions of Yankalilla"~ Documentary ~SBS Australia
  • "Errands of Mercy" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia ~ (Producer December Media)
  • " Rule 61-A Case Against Radovan Karadic" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia
  • "Doing Dimboola" ~ Documentary ~ SBS Australia ~(Director Sean Cousins)
  • "In the Realm of the Hackers" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia
  • "Ice Break Heart" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia
  • "MacArthur's Dream" ~ Documentary ~ 9 Network Australia
  • "The Astonishing Ashtons" ~ Documentary ~ SBS Australia
  • "Lillian's Jungle" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia
  • "Alien Underworld" ~ Documentary ~ ABC TV Australia~(Director Sonya Pemberton)
  • "One Size Fits All" ~ 6 Part Comedy Series~  ABC TV Australia
  • "Least Said, Soonest Mended" ~ Documentary ~ SBS Australia ~ (Director Steve Thomas)
  • "Bare" ~ short film (Director Deborah Strutt) Screened at over 100 international festivals and DVD by Wolfe Video (USA)
  • "Skud" ~ short film (Director Donna Swan)
  • "Kim and Harley and the Kids" (Director Steve Thomas)


  • "ABC Radio National" ~ Commissioned to compose music for national radio program themes, and station ID's. Broadcast nationally and daily from 2003-2012.
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