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    My name is Janine De Lorenzo.

    I am a pianist and composer.
    This is the space, where I share with you, my solo piano works from the world of music I walk in every day.

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    I am glad you are here.

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    To come and take a walk with me through my world of music.

"Anything that wasn't classical... was jazz"

Although I was classically trained I always enjoyed exploring at the piano, creating my own music, which I never thought had any merit at all. According to Margriet, my piano teacher, anything that wasn’t classical... was ‘jazz’. She had no tolerance for ‘jazz’. When I was 16 she asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I replied that I’d like to play my music, the music I created... which was neither classical, nor jazz! Her response was (in a Dutch accent), “Vell, vot do you sink you’re going to do, play jazz in a vine bar for the rest of your life?”

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  • Latest Releases and Featured Music

  • A Classical Christmas Courtship (Album)


    Celebrate the courtship of Classical and Christmas with this new album from Janine De Lorenzo. Featuring 12 unique solo piano arrangements, Janine’s interpretations of Classical pieces intertwined with traditional Christmas songs creates two sets of footprints in the snow as they weave together. An original composition titled December Snow is included on the album. Let the peace and tranquility of Janine’s solo piano warm you and the ones you love.

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  • Janine De Lorenzo - I'll Start in A Minor

    I’ll Start In A Minor (Album)


    A debut album of original solo piano compositions that come from the depths of her heart and soul, this is a dedication to Janine’s piano teacher and life long friend, Margriet Pendavingh whose teacher was taught by Franz Liszt.

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